Snowy River Cycling

Bike Hire Fleet

Our fleet consists of a wide range of sizes and shapes of mountain bikes, well suited to the East Gippsland Rail Trail and Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail in all conditions. Our fleet is kept up to date and serviced constantly to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe ride.

Bike hire is available for all our tours: Rail Trail Multi Day Bicycle Tours, Day Bike Rides and Guided Bicycle Tours.


Mountain Bikes

Sizes XSmall To XXLarge

Our fleet is made up of Giant and Trek mountain bikes, with 24 gears, wide tyres, front suspension and comfortable seats.

Most of our bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, with some smaller and low step through frame with rim V brakes.

All bikes come equipped with helmet, rack, pannier, spare tube and water bottle holder, with at least one pump and multi tool per group.


Low Step Through Frame Bikes

We have a number of bikes in frame sizes Small to Large with a low top bar, or traditional ‘ladies’ style bike for those who find this style of bike more comfortable.

We can also set up a bike with adjustable headset to allow a more upright riding position and suspension seat post for extra cushioning if required.


Kids Bikes

For smaller riders we have 24 inch wheel bikes ( riders around 6 - 9 years old); a 20 inch wheel bike (for riders around 4-6 years); a tagalong bike ( pictured) for small people (typically aged 4- 6 years) who need the assitance of an adult to make the longer distances.


E Bike - Pedal Assist

The Canary is our newest addition: the electric hub motor will assist riders who are less keen on working up a sweat. The battery powered electric hub motor operates with either the pedal sensor function, allowing you to set the level of assistance you want, or via the throttle function which gives you constant fine control over the amount of power delivered. The 19 amp hour battery has plenty of capacity to deal with 40 km days on the rail trail, and comes with a charger to recharge each day from mains power.



For those who like to ride in pairs, we have a tandem bike with wide tyres ready to handle the trail. Tandems take a bit of getting used to for both riders, so we recommend that you have some experience in riding them before embarking on a rail trail ride.