120 riders coming on the Great East!

   Monday September 25th, 2017

The first Great East Rail Trail Ride was run in 2014, with 75 riders which we delighted with for a first year. Now in it's fourth year, we have reached our maximum number of 120 riders (this is a little 'Great' ride, to ensure everyone has a splendid time).

The event is such a joy to be a part of each year. We consciously promote this as a laid back event with modest distances, lots of support and a super encouraging and supportive atmosphere for those who are perhaps undertaking their first cycle tour ever.

The two little towns we overnight in - Bruthen and Nowa Nowa - are tickled pink to have so many visitors staying for the night and the event is warmly supported by the locals. On our first night the crew from the little Bruthen Arts Council turn up and provide music and unexpected hilarity in return for a donation from the event to their council. This in turn helps this committee to keep on doing fantastic events that keep Bruthen a vibrant little community.

At Nowa NOwa everyone from the cafe owners, publicans, general store and local recreation reserve do everything they can to help make the event run smoothly, from stocking up on extra supplies, turning up with keys, and even opening the pub early for us one year!

So now we are just ten days away from the fourth and biggest Great East Rail Trail Ride so far, which means folders full of information and lists and boxes of gear are now starting to pile high around me, while complicated logistics tables are revised and refreshed with the aim of creating as close to clockwork operations as we can get!