"It can't get any better than this!" Ingrid, Day 1, Snowgums to Seaweed.

   Wednesday December 20th, 2017

One of the great challenges, and yet great pleasures of taking people on bike rides to places people have never heard of, is that because no one has ever heard of them, they weren't planning to go there. Gelantipy? Wulgulmerang? McKillops Bridge? Cabanandra? Errinundra? Haven't made it onto your bucket list yet?

That's some thing we are working to change.

When we head north of Orbost into the magnificent wild hinterland at the start of our Snowgums to Seaweed tour, people have no idea what to expect and inevitably are simply gobsmacked by magnificent and varied scenery. Day 1, and as we were riding along past stunning views down into Tulloch Ard Gorge on the Snowy River, frightening the local cows and sheep ( they really aren't used to seeing people on bikes) Ingrid exclaimed " It can't get any better than this!".

But I knew better. It would.

Day 2, and we are heading up over Mount Wombargo to Native Dog Flat. The toughest days ride of the tour and everyone pumped for a bit of challenge ( or making quiet arrangements with the support bus). Up through the silvery snowgums, until we are looking straight across the top of Australia at Mt Kosciuscko, with snow dappling it's sides and triumphant at the top of our climb. "It really can't get any better than this!" exclaimed Ingrid.

You know where this is going don't you?

Day 3, descending right down into the Snowy Valley, a huge drop on a tiny narrow dirt road, sparse vegetation leaving the view wide open the whole way down. A swim in the Snowy to cool off at lunch, and another one in the little Deddick river at the end of the day's ride. Ingrid: "It can't get better can it?"

Day 4, and we are up into Errinundra National Park, sparkling clear sunny day, and the Gippsland Waratahs are in peak bloom, the Errinundra Shining Gums tower over us, and the crystal clear creeks are full of icy water in spite of the dry spring. It's that kind of place. Never been there? Ingrid: "This is just amazing! It can't get...etc"

Day 5, and we get to do the much anticipated 20 km descent on the gently looping road, past more tall timber. Dense rich fruit cake, juicy fresh fruit next to Brodribb River while we recover.

Day 6, a tiny track to the sea, carpets of blue wildflowers and spikes of flowering grass trees. Ingrid by now is speechless. But we all know exactly what she is thinking.

It's time to come and discover this for yourself. Snowgums to Seaweed