East Gippsland is....where?

   Monday December 17th, 2018

East Gippsland - 6 reasons to visit

  1. Not many other people are visiting here yet. Inspite of being wedged between Australia's 2 largest cities, AND it's capital not many people have discovered the regionn yet. If you are looking for a quiet campsite to yourself in the midst of nature, you've got a better chance of finding one here than most other parts of Australia.
  2. Gorgeous coastline. Hundreds of kilometres of coastline, accessed from Mallacoota, Croagingalong National Park, Cape Conran, Marlo and of course Lakes Entrance are home to far more wildlife - seabirds, seals and endless marine life - than they are humans. If a deserted beach does if for you, this is the place to come.
  3. Mountains. The East Gippsland hinterland forms part of the Great Dividing Range, with it's peaks receiving a solid layer of snow in winter. Connected to it is the lesser known coastal range, home to the Errinundra National Park with it's lush tree ferns and unique cool temperate rainforest. Walking tracks and campgrounds are scattered throughout.
  4. The Snowy River. Most commonly associated with the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, the famed Snowy River has to get to the sea, right? Carving a spectacular deep valley over 1000m deep through the mountains ( see point 3) the river emerges out of the forested hills onto the incredibly fertile floodplain that is home to Orbost before pooling into a labyrinthine series of lakes and lagoons held back from the sea by sand dunes.
  5. The Gippsland Lakes. Australia's largest inland lake system, there is an endless number of km of waterway ripe for the exploring. BYO boat, book a cruise or bareback charter a yacht.
  6. Food. Fertile soils, clean air, plenty of rain ( usually) plus creative passionate foodies combine to make for some great eating in East Gippsland. The Long Paddock at Lindenow is my go to favourite just at the moment...

And I haven't even started on the cycling yet...