My cycling heros

There is no doubt that the achievements of our super athletes are mind boggling. But there are other people out there on bikes who I find truly inspiring. Here are a few of them:

Be Like Dawn and Clive. I want to be like Dawn and Clive, cycle touring confidantly and with ease when I am 80. Living in Melbourne without a car, this fit but laid back couple get about everywhere on their bikes, as well as being involved in all sorts of other activities. Dawn is a newcomer to cycling, after Clive lured her into it about 12 years ago. Dawn and Clive have done a number of tours with me, most recently our Gippsland Trails Tour in March, effortlessly covering around 50 km per day. Let's just say, they are far from the slowest riders who have done a tour with me. By a long shot.

Unstoppable Pauline. Just two years ago, Pauline bravely undertook her first multi day ride, our annual Great East Rail Trail Ride with absolutely no idea if she could possibly make it, and was literally sick with worry. In comfortable middle age, and having not ridden a bike any sort of distance for as long as she could remember, she took on the challenge of training up to do the ride, and of course, she made it. And it was life changing. The last time I saw Pauline, she was breezily telling me about her next cycle challenge, 40 days in Italy. Do not stand between this woman and her bike.

The next generation. I can personally vouch, after our April Family Rail Trail Ride, that there are at least seven members of the next generation ( all currently aged 12 years and under) who can leave behind their screens, get out on a bike and ride it cheerfully and engergetically for four days, lose the occasional bit of skin and still have energy left over for chasing around in the afternoon. Riding a bike for 40 km per day, for four days in a row, when you are six or sevenn years old, is no mean feat. Did you ever do that when you were a kid?