Snowy River Cycling

Transport for East Gippsland Rail Trail Cyclists

We provide transport for cyclists and their bikes between Orbost and Bairnsdale ( or vice versa) on request. Our Hiace bus and large bike trailer can comfortably transfer up to 11 riders and their bikes. Tandems and trailers are easily accommodated on our large trailer which can securely and safely carry up to 18 standard bikes.

The minimum fee for Bairnsdale - Orbost ( or reverse direction) is $300, covering up to four riders. Additional riders are $70 per person.

We may be able to transport larger groups - please contact us for further information.

If you have some flexibility with dates and we can combine your transport with another group, the minimum fee can be shared.

Vline coaches offer several services a day between Bairnsdale and Orbost: use the Vline Trip Planner to find which services run on any given day. Vline coaches do not transport bicycles on their scheduled services, so unfortuntely cannot be relied on for return transport. (Worth a letter to your Victorian MP if you live in this state to suggest cycle tourism might do much better with a more flexible policy in this regard: Vline have resisted years of lobbying on this issue so far.)

We can provide bike hire with pick up at one end and drop off at the other which will allow you to use the Vline coach service.

What does it cost to provide a transport service? Some feedback we receive suggests that some are surprised by our $300 minimum fee. We appreciate that this is quite expensive for just one or two people. The $300 fee just covers GST, 200 km milage in a commercial passenger vehicle plus specialised trailer and three and a half hours wages at a normal rate ( but not Sunday or public holiday rates). It does not contribute to business overheads, let alone produce any profit margin for the business. Charging less than this amount means this business loses money withe every trip.